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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I need editor in English applied linguistics ( method of teaching English as foreign language) to edit statistical analysis section in my dissertation.
    Please response me as soon as possible.

  2. Dear editor,

    Before I accept the invoice and pay let me hear from you about my requirements in this order if you accept or not:

    I need someone who edit my mistakes and
    complete incompleted statistical procedures just if it is necessary,check for if my tool appropriate for my research, add few important informations that appropriate for my results(be sure i don’t want change my results) because as you know if i change one number every thing would be change. Just to check my tables and provide it with nice looking with graphs, chart, schema, and like that.

    I am as researcher used in my research Chi-squire to get researcher results. Told the editor add some of appropriate informations about researcher Chi-squire that combined with my researcher results.

    Told the editor adds some informations about OCR program for reader to understand, the researcher used in his research to collect my data.

    Finally, my work is finished but i need just to add few informations that should combined with researcher papers.
    please, let me hear from you as soon as possible.

    Please, my editing will be on my methodology chapter(analysis-result_conclusion) for 3408 word in 20 papers.

    If you accept this order, told me to send the support sources files and my order file.
    Any questions or more informations, you can email me.I wrote this to understand what I want and to save time for me and for you.

    I am going to send to you more orders in future if your service excellent.

    Best wishes,

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